Detailed Bidding Information

The public is encouraged to examine all the items for sale on the auction website until the day of the auction, and then follow the auction finale live on . Up to the finale of the auction, you can examine auction items and enter bids at this website. Once the items are introduced on-air, online bidding is closed and final bids can be entered by phone.

During the on-air auction, please call to bid.

At the close of each Board, the winning bidder will be confirmed by telephone. DO NOT come to pick up an item unless you have been called and your successful bid confirmed. Although it may appear that the bid is yours based on the final price, yours may not have been the first bid at that price.

How to register to become a bidder:
In the blue bar above the items, to the far right there is a button that says Login . Click that button and it will lead you to the login screen. Under the submit button there is the word register. Click on register and enter all fields as required, and press save at the bottom. Then go to your email and check for a confirmation of your registration and click on the link to complete your registration. If you do not see the confirmation e-mail please check your junk e-mail box in case it went there instead. Any problems please email us at or call

Bidding Types:
Two types of bids are accepted in this auction: (1) Single Price Bids, which are bids at one, specific price; and (2) Maximum Price Bids, which specify the Maximum Price that a bidder will pay (if required by competitive bids) and permit them to buy the item at a lower price if competing bids do not reach the maximum.

All of the live bids that can be made by phone on the day of the auction will be Single Price bids. Any bid made on the website, will be treated as Maximum Price Bids.

With auctions that function just like EBay, Maximum Price Bid is a great way to get an item you like without overpaying. The auction will act as proxy and will submit live bids during the auction on behalf of bidders who have submitted Maximum Price Bids, up to the maximum price that the absentee bidder specified for the item with their Maximum Price request, in an effort to get the item for the absentee bidder at the lowest possible price.

Bids will be submitted on behalf of Maximum Price Bidders at prices no higher than a “standard bidding increment” over the last bid. This means that, like live bidders Maximum Price bidders have a chance to get the item for just a small amount more than the second highest bid."